krazorspoon and mectohoney working on their Mituna and Latula skateboards.

Progress is being made!

ANIME MIDWEST 2014: Homestuck [Sunday]

Last day of Anime Midwest and still geeking out about Steam Powered Giraffe.


Sollux || Dave || Laine

Homestuck, Sollux Captor, Dave Strider and all other mentioned characters © Andrew Hussie


Casually shipping sweater!stuck AraEq

D —> Now, to enjoy hot cafe beverages and
D —> Partake in the viewing of a film of her choice


Based off the wig hairline tutorial here.

E%pert E%ercise - B100per Reel 

Filming a video is serious business.


Equius || Equius’ Aid

E%pert E%ercise - Equius Zahhak

For the Ask a Homestuck blog krazorspoon is in. 

If Equius had his own YouTube series, I think it would contain videos like this. 

Pester-Stuck [ask blog]

ANIME MIDWEST 2014: Homestuck [Saturday Night]

Just before the Anime Midwest’s Rave we strifed, we shipped, we sang and we partied like no tomorrow!


Dave || Meulin

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Meulin Leijon, Dave Strider and all other mentioned characters

ANIME MIDWEST 2014 - Gorillaz/Homestuck [Saturday]

Started off the morning as Gorillaz and tried to find “Him” aka “The Spine” from Steam Powered Giraffe. He was rumored to be running around the con.
Later, we switched into Homestuck! More shenans ensued and mectohoney got to reveal her secret cosplay!


2D/Equius Zahhak || Paula Cracker//Solluxbot || Cronus Ampora

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Equius Zahhak, Sollux Captor, Cronus Ampora and all other mentioned characters

Jamie Hewlett & Damon Albarn © Gorillaz, 2D, Paula Cracker and all other mentioned characters

Will you be going to anime Milwaukee?

Of course! AMKE is our favorite convention and our first so we will always want to go!


Will you guys by any chance be going to Con Alt Delete in December?

No, but we will be going to DaishoCon in November!