COMING SOON: Homestuck Skit for 4/20

Hey oto-no-tenshi here just dropping by to say that I’m currently close on finishing a Homestuck skit I’ve been working on for a while with the group.

I don’t wanna spill too many beans but it’s going to be weird and funny as shit. The skit will include Meulin, Nepeta and Equius from Homestuck!

I’m hoping to have it done and uploaded to YouTube on 4/20 so stay tuned…. it’s coming. muahahahah!

No Brand Con!!

No Brand Con is just around the corner and DK-I will be attending!
Though the newest members, DigitalCrayon, will be working at her artist shop for a good portion of the con. You can bet there will be lots of fun to be had.

Speaking of which, if you’ll be attending No Brand; you should check out the artist shop Maple Simplicity which is owned by DigitalCrayon and RussianMaple [X] There you can buy quite a lot of fandom merchandise!


Cosplay Line-Up:

oto-no-tenshi =
Friday: Karkat Vantas
Saturday: Sollux Captor [Morning/Early Afternoon], Aradia Megido [Afternoon/Evening], Ravestuck!Terezi Pyrope [Night]
Sunday: Sollux Captor

krazorspoon =
Friday: Dave Strider [Normal during the day, switching to GodTier some point in the evening.]
Saturday: Eridan Ampora [Morning/Early Afternoon], Equius Zahhak [Afternoon/Evening], Ravestuck!Dave Strider [Night]
Sunday: Karkat Vantas

DigitalCrayon =
Due to working at the shop, she’ll at some point be cosplaying Nepeta and Kankri. Though there is the possibility that she’ll debut her Trickster!Nepeta or bring her Aradia cosplay along. 

Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

Homestuck: Kitsune Kon 2014 [Friday]

A variety video of random Homestuck shenans with DK-I and friends!

Terezi/Karkat || Equius/Eridan || Dirk

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Terezi Pyrope, Equius Zahhak, Dirk Strider, Eridan Ampora, Karkat Vantas

Are you guys still on good terms with Gabe and/or Sara?

Of course we are~ Just because we don’t cosplay as often with each other doesn’t mean we don’t get along.

Gabe and Sara are still our friends. <3

-  oto-no-tenshi

Are you wonderful people going to No Brand Con 2014?

Yes we are!! But only three of the members: Kes, Rae [myself] and Jazz will be attending.

We’re very excited and should soon have a cosplay line-up list.

-  oto-no-tenshi

You guys are the best!Me and my friends are thinking about going to a con when we get a little bit older,do you have any options for beginners?(mean like a calm con and a very simple cosplay!)

What state do you guys live in? I know you can google anime conventions and find out which ones happen in your state. More expensive cons are usually bigger so if you stick with cheaper ones they might be calm and what-not.

 -   oto-no-tenshi

You guys are da bomb, all of you.


question: when you used the wonderflex for the teeth did you have a heat gun on hand? i mean who the fuck has those. or did you use a hairdryer for 98738979483792847398 years.

A hairdryer works just as well as a heat gun. It won’t take that long~

- oto-no-tenshi


WIP Aradia


WIP Aradia

Swimming with EriFef!!

Swimming can be fun, drowning can be comical, but EriFef shenanigans are hilarious.

Eridan || Feferi